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About Us

The Simple Foundation™ is a 501(c)(3) charitable, tax-exempt organization founded in 2014 as a response to a gap in programming focused on refugees and low-income families. Our primary focus areas are:

  • Addressing poverty

  • Promoting cultural integration (by welcoming refugees from all cultures)

  • Fostering academic excellence

Today, The Simple Foundation™ focuses on extracurricular activities and support resources that impact self-esteem, academic achievement and positive lifestyle choices. We work alongside other community-minded organizations to provide support within priority communities. Through our programs, we fuel confidence, courage and community engagement in young people. Our dedicated staff and volunteers cultivate and develop life skills; encourage sportsmanship and physical health; promote school attendance; provide mentorship; and provide enhanced educational support services. Click here to view The Simple Foundation™ Team

Our Partnerships

Our partnerships support our mission to cultivate and develop life skills; encourage sportsmanship and physical health; prevent truancy; provide mentorship; and enhance educational support services.

Our Mission


Welcoming youth from diverse backgrounds through our programs that build self-confidence, develop new skills and achieve educational success.



Empowering people, encouraging involvement and uplifting the community.



  • Academic Achievement

  • Mentorship Engagement

  • Community Involvement

  • Health Empowerment

  • Social Skills Enhancement

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Our Mission

Our Strategy

The Simple Foundation™’s free, effective programs create opportunities that support success today so that the youth we serve will become the leaders and change agents of tomorrow. Our programs keep kids of all ages and backgrounds healthy, active and engaged, and as a result, entire neighborhoods and the greater community are enriched.

Our Strategy

We Need Your Support Today!

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