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Academic Excellence and College For Success Program

Program Description

We work closely with school administrators to provide year-round tutoring services for economically disadvantaged and refugee/immigrant elementary and middle school students through our Academic Excellence Program. Our tutors work ahead with students so that they are comfortable with academic concepts before beginning school, and we continue to offer high-quality, trustworthy learning support for students throughout the year. Our focus on one-to-one tutoring and high-quality academic support not only benefits participants academically; it also supports social and developmental growth. In this program’s first 3 years, 100 percent of the students involved in the Academic Excellence Program graduated from high school, and 95 percent went on to attend college or trade school.

We facilitate a nurturing  environment to improve students’ educational successes through our College For Success Program, which works to provide youth with a seamless path from high school to post-secondary education. To assist students with the transition, we offer enrichment days and camps that involve tutoring, mentoring and introductions to college life. We also offer assistance with tasks like banking, budgeting, creating resumes and other skills that can help students as they transition from high school to adulthood.

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