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Youth Academy

Program Description

We believe that soccer is a universal language. Our Youth Academy is the catalyst that captures the attention of young refugees and immigrants, and through culturally specific programming, encourages them to engage, interact and work with other children. 

During Youth Academy, we implement Soccer for Success, an evidence-based group mentoring program designed to foster character development. In 90-minute sessions, trained coach-mentors engage participants by creatively teaching nutrition education and critical life skills through soccer instruction. The goals of the program are to:
-Help youth cultivate and develop life skills such as confidence, respect, social interaction, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-worth, etc.
- Teach the techniques and rules of soccer
- Provide a positive outlet/after-school activity
- Promote physical health
- Prevent truancy and delinquent behavior
- Open the door to mentoring, tutoring and college preparation opportunities
- Offer low-income and inner-city youth the opportunity to participate in an organized and structured team with quality coaches
Our nontraditional, culturally respectful program results in participants’ improved academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence and avoidance of high-risk/problem behaviors. In order to participate in our Youth Academy, youth must attend school regularly and perform well academically. We regularly communicate with schools to check on student behavior, attendance and performance.

In addition to our Youth Academy, we know that physical activity is very important for your youth and families; therefore, we provide various levels of personal training for individuals from 5-70 years of age, and from non-athlete to professional athlete.

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