The Simple Foundation™’s free, effective programs create opportunities that support success today so that the youth we serve will become the leaders and change agents of tomorrow. Our programs keep kids of all ages and backgrounds healthy, active and engaged, and as a result, entire neighborhoods and the greater community are enriched.

The Simple Foundation™ Programs


Youth Academy

We believe that soccer is a universal language. Our Youth Academy is the catalyst that captures the attention of young refugees and immigrants, and through culturally specific programming, encourages them to engage, interact and work with other children. During Youth Academy, we implement Soccer for Success, an evidence-based group mentoring program designed to foster character development. In 90-minute sessions, trained coach-mentors engage participants by creatively teaching nutrition education and critical life skills through soccer instruction. The goals of the program are to:

  • Help youth cultivate and develop life skills such as confidence, respect, social interaction, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-worth, etc.
  • Teach the techniques and rules of soccer
  • Provide a positive outlet/after-school activity
  • Promote physical health
  • Prevent truancy and delinquent behavior
  • Open the door to mentoring, tutoring and college preparation opportunities
  • Offer low-income and inner-city youth the opportunity to participate in an organized and structured team with quality coaches
Our nontraditional, culturally respectful program results in participants’ improved academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence and avoidance of high-risk/problem behaviors. In order to participate in our Youth Academy, youth must attend school regularly and perform well academically. We regularly communicate with schools to check on student behavior, attendance and performance. In addition to our Youth Academy, we know that physical activity is very important for your youth and families; therefore, we provide various levels of personal training for individuals from 5-70 years of age, and from non-athlete to professional athlete.
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Youth Forum

Every year, we facilitate a forum for youth ages 6-17 who are refugees from multiple countries. At the forum, we discuss topics that address bullying, culture integration, hygiene, support resources and peer pressure education.

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Family Advocacy and Resource Program

Our Family Advocacy and Resource Program offers ESL classes for youth’s family members who want to improve their skills in speaking, reading and writing English. We also offer workforce training opportunities that help our community’s immigrants and refugees better understand some of the cultural differences they might encounter in a U.S. work environment. We help introduce individuals who are ready to work to the local business community so that they can become active, responsible contributors to their families and to our economy.

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Youth Career Day and Corporate Tours

Through Career Day and Corporate tours, young people in our program can:

  • Discover the multitude of careers and professional opportunities that are available to them
  • Learn about the academic requirements necessary to pursue different kinds of careers
  • Meet professionals and role models in fields they may be interested in pursuing
  • Understand the skills required to be successful in a 21st Century workplace

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Hunger Initiative

Through a partnership with Cargill, every month we distribute boxes of quality meat to Omaha-area families who need it most. Together, we help feed an average of 640 families each month. Additionally, we collaborate with Heart Ministry Center and No More Empty Pots Food Banks to provide bags of perishable and non-perishable groceries and basic household items for our program participants and their families.

Clothing Drive

Every year, we organize a clothing drive that provides hundreds of clothing/coats to refugee/immigrant and underserved youth. Our goal with each drive is to provide warm clothing, coats, hats and gloves to all our program participants, clients and families who need them. In the past five years, we have been able to fully meet our participants’ needs for these wintertime essentials. 1. Participant Application Form (Required) 2. Program Application Form

Academic Excellence and College For Success Program

We work closely with school administrators to provide year-round tutoring services for economically disadvantaged and refugee/immigrant elementary and middle school students through our Academic Excellence Program. Our tutors work ahead with students so that they are comfortable with academic concepts before beginning school, and we continue to offer high-quality, trustworthy learning support for students throughout the year. Our focus on one-to-one tutoring and high-quality academic support not only benefits participants academically; it also supports social and developmental growth. In this program’s first 3 years, 100 percent of the students involved in the Academic Excellence Program graduated from high school, and 95 percent went on to attend college or trade school. We facilitate a nurturing environment to improve students’ educational successes through our College For Success Program, which works to provide youth with a seamless path from high school to post-secondary education. To assist students with the transition, we offer enrichment days and camps that involve tutoring, mentoring and introductions to college life. We also offer assistance with tasks like banking, budgeting, creating resumes and other skills that can help students as they transition from high school to adulthood.

A Simple Path to Build Legacy Program - Building Entrepreneurship

A Simple Path to Build Legacy Program was created to hone in on ideas, dreams, and thoughts that inspire and nurture entrepreneurship while simultaneously forming family wealth. 1. Participant Application Form 2. Program Application Form

Boduri (Girls) Program

The Boduri (Girls) Program is a yearlong, free program for girls ages 6-18 in North and South Omaha. Through the Boduri (Girls) Program, girls have access to opportunities and resources that allow them to discover their interests and develop new skills. We offer:

  • Workshops about health and healthy relationships
  • Soccer programs
  • Academic support
  • Tutoring services
  • College preparation
  • Opportunities to develop career and general life skills
  • Leadership trainings and opportunities
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International Initiative

The Simple Foundation™’s International Initiative aims to complete the true circle of giving. This year-long initiative encourages the global community to donate gently-used clothing, non-perishable food items, over-the-counter medication, soccer equipment, school supplies, toiletries and much more to impoverished regions in Ghana, Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Kenya, and several other African countries. As donations come in throughout the year, The Simple Foundation™ staff ensures that the items are properly collected, sorted and shipped to areas in need such as schools, orphanages and various regions throughout Africa.

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